What you will learn

1. To love, Listen, Respect and care for your bodyphysical strength 

If we do not feel good in our bodies, this is not right. Our entire system is derived from our body. That is why we have to take care of it. We will guide you through simple and more complicated exercises which you can do at any time, even at home alone, so that within a year you can be proud of your body and yourself.

For men who want to take it to another level, we have a program based on Thai boxing where you can reach for your strength slightly differently, more honestly

Part of this also involves your diet and not simply eating food because you like it, even if you feel bad afterwards.


2. To learn to feel your inner strenght and onverse with your soul

Once we are satisfied with our bodies, it is easier to understand what “feel your inner strength” means. This involves a feeling of inner satisfaction and the body’s gratitude to us for taking good care of it. In return, our body also supports us. It is the first level of self-confidence, belief in oneself and the ability to take care of oneself.Learning to control your fear and your mind

This also involves the ability to listen to your inner voices, to begin speaking with yourself, to admit your fears and desires, crises and depression and to look at them and live through them appropriately. Misunderstanding our inner voices is fertile ground for a mid-life crisis.
Positive thinking is a natural expression of Strength. It appears spontaneously as an indicator of the harmony of your internal environment.


Not all emotions can be infinitely dissolved in alcohol and forgotten in the excitement of new adventures.


2. To perceive, feel and work with the strength around you

Male strength without a healthy degree of sensitivity is blunt and aggressive and in the end even highly fragile, because it does not have any endurance or depth.

Sensitivity without the support of Strength is harmful and even leads to depression. Everything is a question of balance.

It is always easier to walk with two legs than with one. And that is why we build up strength and sensitivity in our coaching programs. Sensitivity also means the ability to sense tension, lies, dishonesty or fear before they appear and as such to gain time to formulate the appropriate response. You will acquire the ability to predict.


4. To love problems and resolve them with gustoLove your problems and resolve them with gusto

There are a few certainties in the world which we can truly count on. One of them is the fact that there have always been “problems” and there always will be. And as such, it is simply easier to change our attitude from “I don’t want to and I resist problems, because they stress me” to “bring it on :-)”. You are not alone.

Fellowship with likeminded men helps significantly.

Not only with support, but also with practical advice and real acts. In the end, all of our crises, sadness and disappointments have their roots in unresolved matters and experiences.


5. To fast and experience its incredible strenght and beneficial effects

When people hear the word fasting, they feel sick and various prejudices and thoughts about how unhealthy it must be to give up regular eating and so on rush through their heads. However, the opposite is true.

Fasting is a truly healing matter which cleans the body and mind incredibly and as such strengthens them

I am writing this from my personal experience (my name is Dan, my friends call me Danny) of fasting 2x a year for various periods. In my opinion, the shortest period for a good result is 7 days. It is then possible to extend this to 14 or 21 days. Naturally, this initially involves a strong will and the reconciliation of the feelings and ideas in your head where everything begins, as is also the case with everything else in life. If you decide to fast, i.e. to eat nothing and only drink water, for example for 14 days (I consider this period to be optimal), you will have to undergo ca 3-5 days of significant torment, strong self-denial and indisposition – basically a crisis.

During those days, you will ask yourself “Why am I doing this?” and will say “I don’t need this!” and “I’m going to give up!”, but it is possible to handle it and you will begin to feel incredibly sublime after about 4 daysself-awareness

Your body begins to have absolutely no need of food. Your body will switch to another mode once it knows that it will receive nothing other than water. And now you will start to experience incredible energy, you will start to sleep less, you will laugh so much that people will wonder, if you are on drugs. You will have an enormously positive mood which will enable you to resolve everything so that all of your problems will seem small and laughable. Another thing which I do when fasting is to go training every day for 1.5 hours. Once a week, I also have three training sessions during one day.
You will be able to do all this with incredible energy and will feel your body cleaning itself and regenerating and I am not exaggerating. You will normally become younger both in the way you look and the way you feel and you will feel the same in your mind and the way you live your life.
Naturally, I am trying to write how I feel, but it is not possible to express everything in words: you have to experience it for yourself. So far, people who have fasted with me and who did not believe or laughed at fasting have told me that they had never felt so good in their lives and that they always look forward to their next fast when they will once again rejuvenate.


I guarantee that those who try and experience fasting will love it and will look forward to their next fast


6. The Balance between giving and talkingcoaching for balance and healthy aggression  


We try to spread our wings and fly through life as enlightened predators. To seek and take what we need, but to leave whatever we don’t need alone. And when it is necessary, we are able to share and to support people and projects which are of worth to us. We know our role in this world and life and we serve the whole as well as we can. And that is all.