Four phases of training

This article is for the “bookworms” among you who have the patience and a wish to “go deeper”. Here, we will describe in more detail the procedure and the principles of the MyStrength coaching programme and its links to the offered programmes.


Phase I - My Bodyphysical strength

We start with something simple – we shape your figure, we teach you Thai boxing and in doing so we build up your confidence – it can be said that this is a hardware modification – if you manage to do this (or if you already know how), you will attain regularity, self-discipline, ambition and, thanks to Thai boxing, experience of fear, aggression and the strength of the fighter in your blood – these are important “software” elements for a man. And you will have completed the first stage of the MyStrength program and be open to the path towards Phase II.

We concern ourselves with the body in all the programmes, but mostly in these programmes:


Phase II - My mindpositive thinking

In the second phase, we shape your thinking – a software modification.

Our thoughts, like our body, are either formed or are “molten” and “shapeless”.

Just as there is a different energy flow in a body which is in shape, there is also a different, livelier energy in a mind which is “fit” than in a mind which is out of shape. Positive thinking is the result of the harmonic flow of energy - Strength. We train:

  • secureness – I say and do what I think and feel
  • a man’s word – I keep my promises and I am aware of the strength of my words
  • I am clear about things – I know what I want, what makes me happy, I know what I don’t want and what makes me angry – at work, in relationships, in real time, I am able to get to the heart of things and to realise what I am like, what I desire, what I will not allow myself, where I dissimulate, where I have my limits, what I avoid – I am sincere to myself, I do not lie to myself

The incorporation of these skills into your everyday life gives your thought and life a shape, strength and clarity.

During the training, we initially clarify these skills in detail and explain them using examples from our own lives (this alone provides a huge lesson and transition) in order to throw the light of consciousness on the things which we do more of less automatically. Admitting the current state of affairs. Considering whether I want to invest my time and effort in any change. Whether this is even possible in my world. Whether I will have the support of those dear to me. Reaching a decision and really acting on it. Beginning to behave anew. I do it, because I have decided to on the basis of my knowledge, not because somebody wants me to.

The following programmes are especially dedicated to mind training:

  • The Annual Programme – I Want a Change
  • the Individual Programme by agreement
  • partially in the continuous programme


Phase III - My Heartcoaching for emotions, crises, depression and nervousness

The third level goes deeper and for many men it is a very difficult discipline which they avoid or where they say "I don’t feel anything...". No analogies from the world of computers (hardware, software) apply here, because computers are yet to discover emotions.
Yes, the third level involves a journey into the world of emotions (in some ways a feminine world), into the world of sensitivity, gentleness, irrationality, beautiful inspiration, intuition, but also malice, hatred, depression, jealousy, vindictiveness, all of which alternate very quickly and randomly like an emotional rollercoaster.


Our structured thinking has nothing to hold onto, it dissipates during confrontation with the powerful realm of emotions and apparent chaos.

And why should this interest me? Because our strength, male strength, has roots. It is nourished by this soil of emotions or chaos, if you prefer. That is why we say: “Behind every great man stands a strong woman.” The woman provides the soil, the source, the unstructured material from which a man can create something he likes (a product, a company, a service) with his planning and ambition.

I am not talking men and women here, but more about male and female types of energy. Both types of energy exist in men and women in varying “ratios”. So it is possible to have a female body with a very strong male energy (including the associated characteristics) and vice versa. Everything is in order...

As such, the stories of bosses and secretaries or the sparking attraction of men and women within the framework of teams have roots. Very strong powers of creation, harmony and the interplay of male and female energy come into play here.


The people in functioning teams have an energy connection, they create things together and at the same time they experience an increase in knowledge which is accompanied by very intense, pleasant feelings.

It is a kind of loving. And it is just a small step from this energy connection to a physical connection which those at home often do not understand :-). But that is a different story …


So you think that irrationality does not concert you? Well, here is a little test:Give your emotions and meaning of life space. Switch off from depression and on to positive living. Love a crisis as fuel for growth.

  • You know that drinking alcohol is not good for you (at least, this should be clear to you on the morning after) and yet you still do it - irrationality.
  • You know that being overweight is the basis for many health problems and yet you overeat - irrationality..
  • You know that regular movement is good for you and yet you do so little – irrationality.
  • You know that you don’t like your current job and yet you stay in it – irrationality. (… I understand, you have a mortgage, a family, responsibilities, but even so, how much time is left to us? Is it a good deal – money for the time of our life?)
  • You go on adventures which endanger your life and relationships merely for a moment’s excitement – irrationality.
  • You buy a car (or a watch), because it is nicer (for that read “more expensive”) and is considered to be a greater status symbol than others which have better technical and utility parameters - irrationality. It simply makes you happier :-)

Make no mistake. I like irrationality and it has a fixed place in my life. It helps me to live more.

Accepting and healthily integrating your emotionality and irrationality is critical for the maintenance of Strength and mental health. Learn to express your emotions at the moment when they arise and in a manner which does not hurt anybody – it is simple...

If this component does not function within us, we have the tendency to get drunk, to overeat, to seek out ever crazier adventures (both adrenaline and amorous adventures, which are actually quite similar) and to rush towards career successes. We simply have no repose and in the end we collapse. We fall prey to crises and depression. And just such a collapse is often an impulse for us to begin to concern ourselves with our emotionality.

Emotions are like rivers on the earth. If they flow along their natural courses, they bring life to everything around them. If they dry up (suppressed emotions), then everything around them dries up and dies. If they flow out of the river bed, they cause havoc. Let us learn to respect emotions and to leave them free to flow freely and our lives will be constantly fresh...

The goal of our coaching program is to have the feminine component active within us, while still being a man. To have the man and the woman in us in mutual balance. This idea is not new. If you look at statues of Indian deities, you often see intertwined figures of men and women. These statues do not merely express the amorous conjoining of a man and a woman, but they also reflect the harmonious interconnection of male and female energy, thought and emotions within the framework of the individual.

Giving chaos and irrationality a place in your thoughts is a big step forward. It involves a transition from rejection to acceptance. From struggle to cooperation.

The following programmes are especially dedicated to emotional training:

  • the annual programme – I Want a Change
  • the Individual Programme by agreement
  • the residential programmes


Phase IV - My childChildhood desires as a cure for negative thinking.

The fourth level is our childlike joy and playfulness. Each of us has been a child, playful and joyful, without any goals or sense, in favour of joy and playfulness merely for their own sakes. In favour of the joy of discovery. Without consistency, regularity, achievement, structure and comparison. Without fear.

Every child is able to sing, paint, be an astronaut, a dustman, a racing driver, an adventurer, a detective, Superman, Batman or a Jedi – all of this is possible before the adults at home and at school talk to us and inform us that “Life is not a joke”.

“That isn’t perfect, so it’s better not to do it, it’s embarrassing“ … and "You won’t have any money, if you only play” and “Start taking things seriously”, “Life is a struggle” as well as many other well-meant pieces of advice which are meant to protect us and prepare us for life. But at the same time, they also strip us of our childhood soul, our playfulness, creativeness, spontaneity, energy, our ability to be amazed and to enjoy the small things in life and especially to look forward to something. They take you to the world of responsibility, rules, comparison and fear.

And precisely our crisis, our mid-life crises, sadness and depression and collapse take us back to the abandoned world of our childhood, which returns our appetite for life and discovery. To put it simply, this enables to simply enjoy the fact that we are … and that is why we return there, albeit now consciously and voluntarily. We are capable of appreciating the value of the childhood world precisely due to our experience of having lost it …


The following programmes are especially dedicated to this area of emotional training:

  • the annual programme – I Want a Change
  • the Individual Programme by agreement
  • the residential programmes


Phase V - My UnityAn overall change, a new quality of being

What? Phase V? Weren’t there only supposed to be IV?  I am just kidding. This is more of a reward for those who have made it this far :-) The previous IV phases are like the collection of ingredients for the Grand Finale.
It’s just like if you wanted to bake an excellent cake and you brought all of the ingredients home (a strong body, a sharp mind, emotional freedom, knowledge of your mission, healthy sensitivity) and now you want to combine them and use them to bake the best possible cake. All of the ingredients disappear during the kneading and baking process, they come together and something which reflects the quality of the used ingredients, but at the same time also represents a new quality, is created. You simply bake a cake

And that is the “goal” – a new me.

Enjoy every step, because Masters are constantly on the Path … to another new me :-)