About us

RichardRichard Gonzor
A cofounder of the MyStrength project

Ever since I was young, I have been drawn to the masters of Kung Fu in the films and to their balance, physical fitness, detachment, inner strength, healing skills and childlike joy and curiosity which they displayed even once they had reached a ripe old age.
When I look around today at what I have done during the last 25 years, it could be said that I have tried to live up to my childhood ideal of the Kung Fu masters. And it would seem that this will continue. I have simply wanted to be a Kung Fu master ever since childhood...
Of course, an ideal gives us a direction and it is then up to us how we fulfil it in our own unique way, which means that I have been able to fulfil this ideal sometimes to a greater and sometimes to a lesser extent. And thanks to my training, I have not given up
My approach involves the specific combination of sports training, coaching, mentoring and therapeutic practice into a single unit – and it is precisely this approach which constitutes the basis for MyStrength.

What I have achieved (from the present to the past):

  • I lead groups and individuals in the MyStrength project
  • the father of two children – my greatest coaches :-)
  • the organiser of personal growth trips to Greece and Thailand
  • work on my own growth – my own process of falling and getting up again :-)
  • the founder and trainer of a Thai boxing club
  • the coach of the national kick-box team
  • repeated stays in Thailand at TB camps
  • travelling - Japan, China, India, Vietnam – journeys of searching and discovery
  • the trainer of the 1st class at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport in Prague
  • courses on reflex therapy, Reiki
  • extensive studies of spiritual and therapeutic literature
  • graduation from the University of Veterinary Medicine in Košice
  • repeated training stays at a Chinese Kung Fu school in Vietnam

DanDaniel Kripner
A cofounder of the MyStrength project

As long as I can remember, I have always pondered the meaning of life, why we are here and what we should do. I was led towards sport as a child (my parents are the best mentors – many thanks to them) and I did competitive sprinting at secondary school for 3 years. I have always been interested in martial and strength sports. I began doing Aikido and I combined it with competitive sprinting. At about the age of 18, bodybuilding began to attract me, naturally thanks to Arnold ☺. I have to admit that I was a child of the street in a small town, so I did not have any problem with resolving things in a brief way (in other words to fight) and I have to say that some of these experiences from the street served me well in the future.
From the age of 18, I tried being a standby bouncer. This meant that I had several pubs in the area of my home town under my care and they would call me, if they had a problem.
At around the age of 22, I moved to Prague, where I received work as a personal bodyguard for VIPs thanks to my good communication and physical skills. I further combined this work with that of a bouncer for the most famous clubs in the centre of Prague. I did both of these jobs actively for 10 years.
I am the type of person who wants to experience life for himself. I learnt that, if you don’t try things in life, you can’t criticise or praise them, let alone lecture or pontificate about them.
At this stage, when I was about 26, I began boxing competitively. I had a few boxing, full contact and Thai boxing bouts. In 2010, I was the runner-up in the Czech Full Contact Championships.
After this, my phase of entrepreneurship began in various fields and areas and I have to say that I have been successful. I feel and I can confirm that the combination of a strong body and mind is the basis for life and the pillar of all success. That is why we have established the MyStrength project where we try to teach people this art and to perceive, feel and use it to the satisfaction of everybody.

What I have achieved (from the present to the past):

  • graduated from electrical industrial secondary school
  • a personal bodyguard for VIPs
  • many large and small conflicts where it was often a matter of life and death
  • the ability to wean people from their fears
  • the owner and co-owner of 4 companies
  • training and mentoring people, both physical and mental strength
  • resolving problems for people who are at their wits’ end
  • increasing understanding and development of myself