Which programme should I choose?

The programmes which we offer constitute different tools to achieve the same end – the development of Strength. How do they therefore differ? They differ with regard to the component of Strength which they especially develop, i.e. which component of Strength is emphasised; whether physical Strength, mental Strength or emotional Strength.

The annual programmes are designed for those who are interested in developing their Strength systematically and achieving a significant shift within a short time.

  • the In the Ring programme especially develops physical Strength and mental Strength
  • the I Want a Change programme especially develops mental Strength and emotional Strength.

The residential programmes offer a one-off intensive "dose" of Strength – like a leap which provides us with a view of the level which we can then regularly aim for.

In these programmes, we aim at all the areas of Strength, but a large amount of time is dedicated to emotional Strength and mental Strength.

The continuous programme is suitable for an initial taste or for the maintenance of the existing level of Strength and for maintaining contact

The focal point of the training is physical Strength and mental Strength.

Individual programmes provide all of the aforementioned – it depends on the agreed goal of the cooperation, i.e. they can be used for systematic development, for maintenance, for a one-off “leap” and to supplement Strength in all its component parts.