Individual Programmes

one on one – my favourite method of working on the development of Strength. The goals may be different – to learn Thai boxing, to get in shape, to release stress, to resolve partner or work crises, to learn how to relax, to meditate, deeper self-awareness or simply enjoying a feeling of ease and working up a good sweat.

I have been involved in what I consider to be this art for more than 15 years. During this period, I have observed that the course of the coaching sessions is always very similar:

  • Coaching one on one as the most effective method of resolving crises, depression and personal growth. A permanent change in self-awareness, self-confidence and the acquisition of mental Strength. Shaping the body and increasing physical Strength.initial uncertainty and sometimes also an expectation of what will happen
  • the definition of the goal and the procedure
  • a few initial training sessions and discussions where it becomes apparent, if we “suit one another” and the first experiences of Strength and the new space
  • “working” together and a deeper understanding of what I can do
  • the establishment of a friendship based in mutual acceptance  of how we are without any adornment or illusions
  • the continuation or conclusion of the cooperation – in both cases, we know that there is somebody whom I know and whom I can rely on...

Today, I can say that this process leads to the strengthening of the body, the healing of the mind and emotional injury and a growth in vitality – vital Strength.


The meeting place

SKBU Hostivař, Trhanovské náměstí 179/9, Prague 10,

The place where we train is very specific due to the fact that the representatives of various martial arts have developed their art and their skills there for more than 15 years. The place has an energy and “aroma” saturated with sweat, intention, pain and ecstasy which is experienced by everybody who sets off on the Path of any martial art and as such on the Path to growth and self-development
The training times are always arranged individually. The meeting with the trainer, relaxation and sharing takes 1.5 - 2 hours.



The price for one complete training session (body training and mental training) is 2,000 CZK + 150 CZK for the entry to gym.

The price for one mental training session (without body training) is 1,000 CZK. (60 minutes)