Residential Programmes

The anti-stress effects of our coaching programmes. The power of positive thinking as a tool for change. Love for your fears, worries and depression.These programmes always constitute an expression of a significant transition forwards and deeper along the Path to self-awareness and an increase in Strength. The disconnection from the matrix (from everyday worries and cares) which occurs during the residential programmes enables you to retune to a new frequency, to a different way of thinking and feeling and this enables you to have new experiences and adventures which can subsequently influence your lives after you return home. And experience has shown that this really happens...
We have been organising residential trips for seven years. We travel to Thailand and to Crete, but I feel that it is time to look for some new places. So, if you have any tips for a beautiful and inspirational place with a strong energy, let me know...

The programme on these stays is roughly as follows:

  • The early morning programme – the morning makes the day, so morning stretching with a run, weight training, swimming or meditation; something different every morning
  • The late morning programme – discussions/lectures on various topics concerning personal growth - relationships, working with emotions, discovering the functions and laws of our soul, curative confrontation of our injuries – the main topic and focus of the stay is always announced in advance
  • The afternoon programme – either body training (weight training, Thai boxing, free diving or running) or continuation in the work on ourselves in the form of lectures or the completion of agreed tasks depending on the prior agreement and the focus of the stay
  • Joint evenings with good food
  • Individual meetings

Powerful experiences during our residential programmes where we coach Strength in all its forms. The Strength of the group and the environment dissolves any blocks and limitations in our Strength.The next residential programme will take place in Crete at the end of September 2015. A more detailed programme is available online at Click to HERE to see the programme.