The continuous programme

The advantage of this coaching programme lies in the fact that it continues all year long. And it has done so for 10 years :-). The group has changed during this period, but the excellent atmosphere of friendship and working on oneself has continued and even grown.

The group is open, so you can enter at any time.

Richard vodopadWe meet every Saturday at 10.00. A typical training session is usually as follows:

  • we do Thai boxing training (a bag, laps, training in pairs) and building physical fitness (training using the weight of your own body, circuit training, weight training, skills training)
  • we do sparring: this develops mental Strength and physical Strength in a situation where you truly feel fear, pressure and stress and you react from a deeper level of your personality when you find out something about who you really are and not just who you think you are. Here, you simply react and you become acquainted with your initial reaction without the illusion of thinking what would happen, if...

There is always time for relaxation and meditation exercises at the end of each training session. Thai boxing training is not only physical, but also mental; you need imaginativeness, memory, reactions to changing external and internal (emotional states) conditions and the ability to learn new movements and sparing situations. All of this forces your brain to create new neuron connections and this is the physiological essence of brain training – mental Strength.

After training, there is always a joint lunch in the club premises where we talk about anything and everything ranging from work to family events. It is this friendly dimension of our meetings which is the most valuable and the most exceptional...


The venue

SKBU Hostivař, Trhanovské náměstí 179/9, Prague 10,

The place where we train is very specific due to the fact that the representatives of various martial arts have developed their art and their skills there for more than 15 years. The place has an energy and “aroma” saturated with sweat, commitment, pain and ecstasy which is experienced by everybody who sets off on the Path of any martial art and as such on the Path to growth and self-development.



The price for one training session is 300 CZK, including entry into the gym. THe number of people in the group is limited so that there is always room for an individual approach.