I want a change

An annual course – some changes require a longer time, but some don’t...I want a change in the feeling I get from life and my way of thinking

The goal of this coaching programme is to shake you up and strengthen you as a whole, to expand your horizons, to take you to a new space from where you can view yourself, your relationships, your work, your ambitions and desires from a new perspective.

At the beginning of the programme, each person choses the area of his life where he wants to experience a positive change (relationships, career, body, vision, understanding...) and clarifies the essence of the required change. We go deeper – the question is: "What do I really want?" and "Why do I want it – what will happen when I have it?". Now imagine that you have already fulfilled your dreams, so “What comes now?" – These and other similar questions take us deeper into ourselves so that we realise what we really want, so that we don’t merely chase illusions, but  dedicate ourselves to the essential things...

In this phase, you will draw a map of your current life and its individual components: the goal is to realise what your life consists of and how the individual components are interrelated.

The programme then consists of a general-educational section where you will become acquainted with the basic building blocks of your inner life; thoughts, emotions, consciousness, memory and other members of the “team” which influences your life. The goal of this stage of the programme is to become acquainted with each other and to learn how to communicate together and to meet yourself and establish healing contact with all the members of your inner team, especially with those whom we usually aren’t very pleased to see, such as fear, worry, rage, envy, anxiety, crisis and depression... In other words, simply to become more spontaneous, relaxed, able to flow, coherent and truer.

And why is this a good thing? Why should I "rummage" in things which are unseen? Because they are palpable and they sometimes “smell” – we are irritable, without energy, we go around in a circle of repeating stories, we are unable to move forward, we don’t have any Strength. These are signals that it is time “to cleanse”, to stir up the still waters of our inner world, to roll up our sleeves and to get to work on ourselves.

Along with a deeper understanding of “how you actually work”, which comes about thanks to the previous section of the programme, there is also a practical section where you will learn how to attain detachment from your thoughts and emotions, how to examine them, how to strengthen your consciousness and subsequently how to become more in tune with your body and to experience emotions more deeply and to have energy not only in your head, but in your whole body ... you will learn how to dive safely, to connect with the depths of your soul and to then emerge back into the light of daily consciousness enriched with the experiences and information acquired during the dive.


The application and transfer of the experiences and knowledge acquired during the seminars into everyday life is an extremely important part of the programme, because inspiration must be balanced with practicality


That is why you will designate your “homework” for the next period at the end of each session. The goal is to anchor a new habit, a new way of behaving or thinking which will bring you one step closer to fulfilling your designated goal. And it is precisely this practice in between the seminars, within the framework of your everyday life, which constitutes the basis for any real change which endures.

If you only experience pleasant moments, insight and an influx of Strength at the seminars, but your life between the seminars remains unchanged, you have not commenced your journey on the Path towards change. But don’t worry :-) Everything takes time and, provided you don’t fight it and you do your share of the work, the change will unwind naturally until it bears fruit … patience is part of maturing.


A summary of the programme

The programme contains 6 intensive seminars in Prague (training the body, lectures, guided discussions, experiential exercises) + individual tasks + the option of consultation between seminars + a week-long residential stay (this is not included in the programme’s price stated below – we regularly travel to Crete and to Thailand – it is also possible to choose another location, if the group agrees.)

The price: a one-day seminar costs 2,450 CZK and this includes entry to the gym, drinks during the day and lunch of your choice


What you learn:

  • Your body: we will introduce regular movement – basic weight training, the basics of Thai boxing and self-defence, stretching and relaxation. Everything in accordance with your level of fitness – the goal is to get your energy flowing, not to perform.
  • We look at your diet and you will see how food influences your ease or unease and your feeling of Strength. Try fasting – don’t be frightened ... you can do it when the time is right for you.
  • The mind and emotions: we investigate the basic pillars of your personality – your male and female aspects, we will imbue your lives with playfulness and truthfulness, we will shine a light on your fears and worries, on your automatic responses and reactions, we will show you further ways of resolving situations, we will teach you how not to repress your emotions, but also not to submit to them and to consciously flow with them, how to understand their messages and to express them in a manner which does not damage you or your environs, you will learn to listen to yourself more, to observe your thoughts, you will allow yourself to be comfortable with not knowing something, not being able to do something, making mistakes, you will experience the strength and support of the group, you will relax, visualise, meditate, open yourself up to new options and emotions and acquire a new vision and light in your life, you will gradually become an inspiration for yourself and for those around you … you can find a more detailed description of the entire process in the article entitled “The Four Phases of Training”
  • Relationships: the experiences in the group always develop our ability to communicate, share and be truthful, we acquire experience from listening to the life stories of others, we experience conflicts and disagreement with the opinions of others and we learn to understand them and to accept them without having to agree with them, we become used to receiving and giving sensitive feedback and sharper criticism, in other words to toughen up, but at the same time not to lose our sensitivity and empathy …