For me, Richard is one of the great people in my life. He was the first trainer who offered me the acceptance of who I am. He taught me to overcome fear in places where I used to be afraid. He led me systematically. He did not lose his patience even when I desperately gave in to my states of “poor me” and of a fired-up self-blamer. He showed me many weaknesses and made them into merits or we jointly transformed and healed them. He is reliable and is able to aptly call things as they are. He is able to kick start people and sensitively incentivise them. He inspired me and let me play the fool so that I could feel my rebellion and he turned it into a quality which has now given me unique strength in a certain form. There is much that you can gain just from being in his presence, even if you just sit on your backside and are there. This will often lead to wonderful ideas and to great fun :). He is a great guy and I recommend that you don’t miss a chance to spend time with him!!! Thank you Richard


The founder of one of the biggest karate clubs in

Master Richard has taught me to see life differently than as a stressful struggle in society. He has taught me to perceive myself and the things happening around me much more. He has also taught me to see other paths in life which I can take and to feel 100% that I am heading in the right direction. The reason why I have spent 10 years in joint training and meeting with Richard is that Richard radiates enormous positive energy and he does so in a masterly fashion and as such he energises me wonderfully. He has greatly helped me to manage 4 companies with gusto and lightness which otherwise had significantly drained me. Thanks to him, I now know how to better resolve difficult decisions and at the same time to achieve satisfaction for both parties. I would recommend this life coaching Master to everybody who wants to find the correct balance in their lives and their perception of what is happening around them and as such to live in balance and satisfaction.


A company owner, a lecturer

From the point of view of a manager, the advantage of this type of entertainment over others lies in the fact that it is possible to experience adrenaline in relative safety, it is diverse with ever new combinations, it is not time consuming, it can be useful in life and at the same time it yields a great amount of energy within a short period. From my point of view, all other sports are boring, protracted and, if you want to be good at them, require a large amount of time (tennis, hockey, swimming, cycling, the gym .... everything is pretty boring after a while)... Oh and how does it help me? That I no longer get wasted 2 days a week and I never fight anybody


A company owner

The unique thing about Richard: the ability to explain, to empathise wisely and to give relevant feedback – he is consistent in what he says , he has a clear long-term philosophy, a system and a uniform line without any contradictions, he is trustworthy, he brings you back to the right path... – and he is able to do so humanly and simply – empathy in body and soul – he emanates stable energy which positively influences his environs – he has an excellent personal approach – he is able to get into unique experiences with his body and soul and to continue to liberation always in accordance with the student’s momentary condition :o) – he has the intuitive ability to choose a strategy which leads forward, to push things forward – he is a leader, it is a pleasure to visit him and his ideas do not disappoint – he has creative potential both in sport and coaching – he is a good guy


A company owner, lecturer

When I first met Richard 4 years ago, I was almost 40, I had problems with my back, I was losing the fight with everyday stress at work and I doubted the meaning of life. A friend of mine who was attending Richard’s training sessions suggested that I should come along. To this day, I consider it to be a happy coincidence in line with the saying “If the pupil is ready, he will always find a guru“. I was ready and Richard proved himself to be a patient “guru”, who put me together physically and mainly showed me how to work with my experiences, feelings and emotions. I was then able to open the door to my subconscious and to answer the questions which had bothered me. I now know how to continue and where I want to get to. I have learnt from Richard that life is a river ride; it is impossible to stay in one place, no matter how nice it is, or to travel against the stream. However, you can be sure that here are beautiful places downstream and you can look forward to them every day upon waking...


A doctor